Installation instructions

You can download the application here: After installation, the application starts with some example recipes. To start working on actual recipes, you can do one of the following:

  1. If you are running the software on the same computer that is running the Oxford software, you can point the OIPT-RecipeViewer towards the recipes on that computer (typically C:[OI SOFTWARE]\ \Recdata).
  2. If you are running the OIPT-RecipeViewer on a separate computer, you have to get the recipes from the computer running the Oxford software onto your current computer. There are two easy methods to do this:
    • Export recipes from the OIPT-RecipeViewer on the computer that is running the Oxford software if you have it installed there
    • Zip the Recdata folder; make sure the zip file also contains the Recdata folder in which the recipes are located. Do not zip the recipes only resulting in a zip file with a bunch of files.
  3. Tip and tricks for first use are displayed in the application on the first tab.